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It is finally fall season again! It is finally the time wherein people once again can get as many pumpkin-spiced lattes as they want, layer on as much clothes as they want, and do a shopping and fashion haul as much as they want! YouTube for sure is now filled with videos of fall shopping hauls from its bloggers and we cannot surely just fall behind, we have to catch up with today’s trends as well and discover what potential outfits we can wear for this fall season with affordable items that you can only purchase here at Buy Curvy, your favorite plus size women’s clothing boutique.

Mahogany Soft Cozy Dress with Pockets

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You cannot do a shopping haul without grabbing a new sweater to keep you warm during the cold breeze. This soft and cozy Mahogany dress sweater will surely be able to do its job to keep you warm on a cold night. Be sure to wear it with a long necklace to elongate your torso and make you look slimmer!

Starburst Multi Vibrant Print Criss Cross Dress

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Just because it is fall season, it does not mean you would have to dress in plain and dark women’s clothing because you can surely spice it up with certain patterns and prints for a more fun look whether you are just running errands or you are off to another coffee date with your girls. This Starburst dress will be a great addition to your wardrobe and it only retails for $32.99!

Umgee Beige Knit Sweater with String Collar Detail

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You may be bored with the typical sweater by now but this Umgee beige knit sweater with string collar detail definitely changes the game for you. It shows the right amount of skin while simultaneously drawing the attention to your beautiful face. For only the price of $49.99, you will get this stylish sweater!

Umgee Epic Blue Stretchy Off-shoulder Sweater

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If you want a lazy Korean-inspired sweater then this one from Umgee is definitely the one for you. With its off-shoulder style that is effortlessly classy, this sweater is one you should immediately add to your cart for its unique style. Match it with your favorite choker necklace for a stark contrast and for an outstanding look. Purchase this for only $37.99!

Latte Espresso Tie Dye Dress with Keyhole

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Achieve an edgy look with this Espresso-colored tie-dye dress that you can wear with your sturdy and fall-ready ankle booties for a more stylish look. For an added spunk, wear it under your trusty leather jacket to make your outfit look finished. Get this for only the price of $49.99!

With these items from your favorite plus size boutique clothing shop, Buy Curvy, you will surely stay stylish for the rest of the fall season! Be sure to come back next time so we can continue to guide you on the best buys you can only find here at Buy Curvy, your top choice for plus size clothing!


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