Accessorizing Plus-Size Clothes

Before the boom of the plus size industry, finding a trusted online curvy boutique for plus-size clothes was a bit of a challenge. Now with the new lines coming in the market, it is not impossible to pull an amazing look.

Fashion isn’t complete without the right accessories. This article is devoted to learning a few basics of accessorizing plus-size clothes for a more sophisticated look!

Plus Size Accessorizing

Here are the general principles for plus size accessories:

  1. Be proportionate. 

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    Plus-size women should find accessories that do not only match the outfit but also the body size. It is not a good idea to pick smaller accessories as it will not balance the proportion. Always keep the proportional look.

  2. Don't overuse black.

    Black is trusted too much because of its elegance yet sometimes for accessories, it is basic! Undoubtedly, black is an excellent neutral but you can never go wrong if you experiment with other neutral shades. Brown, cream, and white are also wonderful for accessories. Just complement it with your outfit.

  3. Pop Accessories

    An outfit will not be complete without a pop accessory! An accessory that sticks out and gives a strong visual interest. Tip: If you are wearing a monochromatic look, then it is the best time to wear a pop accessory.

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  4. Be creative. 

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    Trust your intuition. These tips won’t mean anything if you do not follow what you want and feel. Experiment with how you make a fashion statement. But never ignore the basics!

  5. Be bold.  

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    Be confident. Being a plus-size woman doesn’t equate to not being heard or seen. Being curvy is an amazing opportunity to dress and let the whole world see your own beauty!

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