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Only 1 more weeks until the September month ends, I guess it will be time to wake up Neil Armstrong from Greenday? “Wake Me Up When September Ends?” The alternative song from the early 2000’s, get it? No? Okay. But it still is never too late to upgrade your wardrobe with some items you will only find here at Buy Curvy, the best among the plus size boutiques online.

For plus sized women like us, shopping at plus size boutiques is what makes our lives so much easier since it is clearly evident that it is hard for us to find the type of clothing that we need in physical stores or in its brick-and-mortar counterparts which are department stores which continue to promise us that they will serve us everything that we want and need but truth is, they do not really deliver on those promises. So here are your plus size boutiques choices when it comes to clothing from Buy Curvy!

Heather Gray Tunic Dress with Pockets ¾ Sleeves

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I always tell everyone that if there’s one color of a garment that should exist in everyone’s closet, it is gray. Why? It can easily complement all of the skin tone in the color spectrum. The best part? It can be paired with any color as well! With gray being in the middle of the black and white, it creates this bridge of connection to make sure it stays neutral color which will mesh well with other colors.

Black Taupe Damask Print Kimono Style Tunic

plus size boutiques online

Ever had those days wherein you ate too much pizza or a pint of ice cream by accident and yet you have an important place to go to and you have to think of an outfit to hide the bulging tummy? Then this tunic top has got your back! Look fabulous and flawless with this black and taupe damask-print tunic top!

Solid Red Tunic Dress with Pockets ¾ Sleeves

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Want to look casually sexy? Then this solid red tunic dress will definitely be your clothing outfit of choice. It has the right amount of body-fit to make sure it enhances your curves and does not hide it one bit.

Lovely Black Plaid Knit Dress with Side Pockets

plus size boutiques online

If you want a dress that will hide those distracting flabs away, then this one will do you justice. You can even wear it with a waist belt to help define your figure and give you more curves!

Teal Taupe Mandala Print Dress with Side Pockets

plus size boutiques

Yes, tunic dresses are a gift from heaven but you know what else is? Side pockets! And guess what? This one has side pockets wherein you can keep in stash all those tiny trinkets you want to be able to easily reach in for.

Velvet Long Sleeve Waist Tie V-cut Detail Dress

plus size boutiques online

Want to look like the stunner that you really are? This black velvet dress will definitely complement your skin tone and if you have a fair skin tone, you will surely look glowing. Pair this with a choker for that sexy look!

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  • tamara urnezis

    I cant believe I just found this site. ! Its awesome ! I have the hardest time trying to find anything. All the clothing is so nice so classy what a treat. Being bigger its hard to find anything other then t shirts that have to be so big because I don’t want all my “curves” showing . I’m so excited to go shopping !!!! thank you

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