Perfect Pair of Bottoms from the Best Boutique Clothing Shop for Plus Size Women

Searching for a pair of bottoms is such a grueling task when you are rummaging through racks after racks at the mall. Some can be too small for your legs, or the color is just off and the style? So last season!

Here at Buy Curvy, an online boutique clothing for plus size women, we will give a solution to all your woes!  We support women in their colorful, playful and lively style that upon one look, you know she is all but fun! No more standing in front of your closet, folding your arms and thinking hard which pair of bottoms is best for your top because we have a list here of trendy leggings and pants to update your wardrobe!

Houndstooth Print Full-Length Leggings

Black and white paired with hot pink will never go wrong, so does this pair of Houndstooth print full-length leggings! This houndstooth print will give the illusion of slimmer legs, perfect to pair with black wedges and a white top!

Blue Green Weave Print Leggings

Oh, how I fell in love with this pair of leggings upon first glance. I could imagine rocking a bohemian style with it, just pair it with worn-out leather, handwoven accessories, tiny dreamcatcher necklace and tresses styled in gorgeous beach waves. This pair of print leggings will also give an illusion of slimmer, longer legs. How wonderful!

Navy Floral Flared Maxi-Skirt with Front Slit Detail

Skirt+ floral prints + front slit = amazing skirt! It is always a good surprising element when you have a front slit detail on your skirt. I remember owning my first dress with 2 front slits and I immediately felt empowered that I have the best legs in the world even though they were thunder thighs, but hey! Thunder thighs for the daughters of Zeus, right?

Elite Jeans White Lattice Design with Pockets

One look at this pair of jeans and I swooned! The geometric cut-out design just gives a sudden burst of edginess to your style. Pair it with a simple top and you will instantly look edgy. Mix it up with a leather jacket and say hello to that rockstar vibe!

What are you waiting for? Get the perfect bottoms for your curvy body only from Buy Curvy, the online boutique clothing store for the gorgeous plus size women!

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  • Tammy wilkes

    Im looking for jeans very stretchy jeans. Probably to fit a 24 -26. I cant really tell much about what you have. Could yall possibly put what the material is and what size a 3x fits. Others theirs only fit up to a 18. Im just confused on what size to order. Also do yall have a restock page or like a VIP page to get emails on new items and restocks. I seen several things id like but out of my size. Thank you so very much. Hope to visit the store one day from alabama here. Thank you very much.

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