Perfect Boutique Clothing for a Picnic Date!

Summer is just right around the corner and everyone cannot wait to post envy and double-tap worthy Instagram photos about their trips to the beach or hiking in the mountains, maybe even a romantic getaway to the lake or booking that expensive hotel room for some classic staycation---you can never run out of things to do! But while everyone else is doing just that, nothing is wrong with just setting for a romantic picnic date at the park with your special someone or even just with your family, an adventure is an adventure and a date is a date! Take heed of this perfect boutique clothing outfit for that picnic date!

All of this choice for that picnic outfit, you can surely find in plus size online boutiques:
plus size online boutiques

There will always be that casual but sexy appeal for girls wearing cold shoulder tops. It is summer, anyway, give your shoulders some air to breathe! The vibrant pastel color palette of this top just makes you the center of attention the moment you walk in. I don’t know about you but I would rather be stared at for being beautiful while wearing the perfect top!


plus size online boutiques

Who said you can only wear leggings of white, black, and gray colors---that is so boring! Add some spice and life to your outfit with this pop of color yellow for that added oomph!


plus size online boutiques

This is supposed to be for summer time so do not restrict yourself only with the colors brown and black for your footwear, learn to experiment! Wear this pair of Coral sandals embellished with silver jewels to match your tunic top.


plus size online boutiques

You think the sun’s rays is going to irritate your eyes? Protect your head with this pony cap! It has many colors to choose from so you can match the perfect color to your candy-colored outfit!


plus size online boutiques

When you have a plus size body, it is always best to wear necklaces with long straps to add more length to your torso for that slimming effect!

EARRINGS: Earrings Metal Antique Round Semiprecious Stone

plus size online boutiques

How to make people stare at your face? Grab an attractive pair of earrings such as this round semi-precious stone and you will surely make everyone’s heads turn!

There will always be a perfect outfit for women, just search from plus size online boutiques and they will have everything in the style that you want! For more boutique clothing pieces, browse through our inventory!

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  • Stacie James

    I absolutely love buying from you guys! When I first ran across this boutique on Facebook I was taken away and spend a couple hours that first evening just going through all the pages and by the time I had finished I had almost $800 worth of stuff in my cart of course I had to back some of that out but in the past couple months that I have been a customer I have ordered three times and big orders and every time you’ve sent them you’ve included extra jewelry for me which I absolutely love! I love all the models especially Melissa because I’m blonde little bit taller than her but when I see how pretty she looks in these clothes it makes me feel like I can be pretty too. I just want to thank you guys for offering the clothes that you do ,the styles that you do and making it such a joy to receive the packages and can’t wait to try it on and so far, knock on wood, I haven’t had to return anything! I will close now but I just want you to know that I really enjoy shopping at your boutique! Stacie

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