Online Boutique Clothing for Outfits Perfect for Fall

It is finally fall season, the time to stock up on sweaters than you can multipurpose to use as a dress or a top! Most clothing items for the curvy fashionista are bulky as we are now opting for garments made out of thick fabrics which are optimum for giving us the warmth that we need, therefore, for us who love shopping, we can expect that before this month ends, our closet would be filled with bulk clothes, therefore, saving up space by purchasing multi functional clothes from your favorite online boutique clothing, Buy Curvy, should be your utmost priority this season! So for now, our fellow curvy fashionista gals, we will be introducing to you some of our latest items that are just to die for!

Heather Gray Knit Dress Lace Embroidery Hem

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You know what is great about grey? It is that mere fact that it stands between black and white so it becomes neither too dark nor too light--just right. Therefore having a grey sweater in your closet should be one of the most basic clothing pieces you should keep as it can be used no matter what season it is. During the fall and winter, you can wear this over your pants and during the spring or summer, you can wear this as a dress with your favorite sandals. This only retails for the price of $34.99

EXPRESSA Cappuccino Top with Stretchy Black Belt

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Okay, admittedly, we are going to layer up on clothing during this season but that should never stop us curvy fashionista gals from showing everyone what we got and this cappuccino-colored top with stretchy black waist belt from Expressa does that job greatly! Who said we had to show some skin to look sexy? With this one, it proves us that we do not have to do that. Get this top for only the affordable price of $34.99

Mocha Daisy Layered Striped Hem Tunic

online boutique clothing

Do you love a tunic with a colorful play on its hem to avoid looking like a boring plain Jane? Then this one with a mocha color will definitely tickle your fancy! Still available in sizes 1x, 2x, and as well as 3x, you can get this one for only the price of $26.99!

Sage Obsidian Multi-border  Print Dress Bell Sleeves

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I do not know about you but from us here at Buy Curvy, we definitely love our prints so much! Get this beautifully-printed sage obsidian multi-border dress with bell sleeves only for the great price of $36.99! It is definitely perfect for fall and the following spring season!

Aegean Tunic with Ruffle Hem Sleeve

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Looking for a tunic dress that will complement your figure? Then this Aegean tunic with ruffled sleeves will do the job for you! It is also available in other colors so you should definitely check out our Tops section to see the other ones and they are all in retail for the great price of $27.99

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