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Having to remember one’s experiences with riding the public transportation would be a blur, you could throw in the people’s faces you passed by on the way to work and you still wouldn’t be able to remember no matter how hard you try, but one thing’s for sureYou will surely remember when the cold-shoulder tops made a comeback in 2016.

It was more of a slow ascent towards becoming real booming trendy when it happened, and then before you could grasp it, every girl you pass by on the street was wearing it. As written by Sarah Halzack in her article for The Washington Post “In the first quarter of 2016, there was an 110 percent year-over-year increase in the number of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses arriving online, along with a 218 percent boom in arrivals of cold-shoulder tops and dresses, according to Edited, a fashion analytics firm. A dramatic spike in Google searches in recent months for “off the shoulder” and “cold shoulder” suggests shoppers are on the hunt.”

And true enough, it was evident everywhere—whether we’re talking about runway shows, street fashion, Instagram posts by self-proclaimed Instagram models, fashion bloggers, and even celebrities. It was hard not to be influenced by the trend especially when you see the Duchess Kate Middleton wearing a cold-shoulder top herself. So here from Buy Curvy, one of the leading online boutique clothing shops, we have all the cold-shoulder tops that you will surely like. As a boutique for plus sizes, we have everything that you need!


 online boutique clothing

Remember when Lupita Nyong’o walked down the red carpet of Academy Awards in a mint Prada dress? What if I told you can look as dazzling as she did with this mint tunic with colorful tassel sleeve detail top? Just look how it looks vibrant on girls with color, this could be perfect for you!


Ombre Black Charcoal White Tunic with Open Sleeves

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Want to look edgy but at the same time, girly? Get this ombre black to white tunic top with open sleeves as it gives an ultimate feistiness to your whole look!


Pistachio Tie Dye Cold Shoulder Tunic with Knotted Hem

online boutique clothing

Look fresh and ready for the beach with this tie-dyed cold-shoulder tunic with a knotted hem. It can be perfectly paired with a pair of light acid-washed jeans and white shorts. Just slip on your pastel-colored flats and you’re good to go!

Remember when you’re looking for a boutique for plus sizes, trust Buy Curvy, the online boutique clothing shop for your fashion needs!

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