Maroon Curvy Dresses to Love!

2015 may be so 3 years ago, however, we cannot deny that some of us are still not yet over the Marsala Rose. If you are not familiar with it, it is the color closest to the shade of Maroon. At that time, liquid lipsticks and dresses of the shade quite similar to the maroon were all over the place! It was one of those successful trend forecasting wherein people actually follow the trend and create a whole new craze everyone would be talking about and ever magazine would be writing about, even Vogue. Now, we will unapologetically feature some of our curvy dresses in the shade of maroon that you can find at your favorite plus size boutique, Buy Curvy.

Bellamie Maroon Knit Tunic Dress with Button Detail

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"Baby, it's cold outside" as the song says and indeed, it is still! Spring is bound to be around the corner soon but for now, why don't we bask in the very gift of winter and the joy that it brings(the literal chills too!)? With this Bellamie maroon knit tunic dress with button detail, you will be kept warm during the whole duration of winter, that is if you will keep on wearing it again and again. With just how cute the dress looks like, I am surely tempted to do so! With the affordable price of $24.99, you should totally get it!

Maroon Timberwolf Plaid Tunic Knot Detail

Looking for a sweater that you just need to keep you cozy when all you want is to just stay for the whole day? Then this maroon timberwolf plaid tunic with knot detail is just what you are looking for! It is just the perfect size for you especially now that Buy Curvy is extending their sizes through size 6x! Get this sweater for only the price of $36.99!

Black Red Plaid Asymmetrical Tunic with Pockets

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obviously, there are going to be a lot of parties this season and you are going to do a lot of dancing, so what else makes it worth your while than a clothing which will help emphasize your hip movements as you sway your body to the music? This tunic top will do that for you for only the price of $44.99!

Bellamie Garnet Tunic with Tiny Double Ruffle Detailing

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Are you in need of a dress that is both stylish and highlights your curves as well? Then this Bellamie garnet tunic with tiny double ruffle detailing will do you justice! Match this with a long necklace to give you the illusion of a longer torso and you can even pull up the sleeves to change up the look.

Garnet Crushed Velvet Tunic with Open Shoulder Detail

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Who said we are so over the craze with the cold-shoulder tops? We aren't! So we just had to get this maroon-colored Garnet Crushed velvet tunic with open-shoulder detail for all of you lovely ladies! And plus, velvets are so trendy these days that you shouldn't miss this one out to get this for only the price of $29.99!

For more trendy clothing, get it only at your favorite plus size boutique store, Buy Curvy!


  • Barbara Kirby

    I would love to see more short sleeved clothing.

  • Rasheedat Olatunbosun

    I ordered for some clothe last December and till now I haven’t received it !
    This isn’t fair at all

  • Karen Marie

    Where are the blouses with plaid colored sleeves and heart on the front, please? Thank you!

  • Peggy Goolsby

    Do yall have jeans in 4x?

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