How to wear the figure-flattering empire-waist style

There are plus size clothing for women styles that look great on almost anyone – the empire-waist design. Though this is perfectly great for curvy ladies with pear or triangular body types, almost anyone can rock this style on the runway.

This article will guide you on the best way to find and incorporate empire-waist design to your everyday quality plus size fashion wear.

What is an empire waist?

This is a style of dressing where top cinches at the narrow point under the bust area. The style emphasizes one of the narrowest points on a woman’s body unlike the A-line style which emphasizes the waist area.

Because of that, empire waist can be a great style for shorter plus size women as raised waistline can create the appearance of added height. Also, this style goes well with curvy women who have wider lower body as it draws the eye to the narrow point under the bust area, which can make the bust area appear curvier.

Avoid gathered material or billowy fabrics

Skip the empire waist dress with billowy fabrics. Why? Because it backfires. Instead, look for a more buddy-hugging quality plus size  material and design.

Though you do not need to wear garments that are completely fitted, better find clothes with materials that will skim your figure than float away (e.g. jersey or cotton).

Try an A-line or sheath dress

The best cuts to look for in an empire-waist dress are A-line or sheath. These cuts will highlight your narrowest point and curves rather than completely hide them altogether.

Also, if you are fond of maxi dresses with empire-waist design are also great, but be sure to find one that skims your lower body too. Dress of this style are the best clothing for plus size women!

Avoid voluminous bottoms

One major rule in dressing up with empire-waist style is to avoid bottoms that are voluminous. Wide-leg trousers or A-line skirts are a big no-no to empire-waist style. This will only separate the two styles and won;t perfect match each other. Go for skinny or straight leg pants, or better yet leggings or jeggings to pair comfortably with a plus size clothing like this, for a more balanced proportions.

Choose deep necklines

Deep scoop, sweetheart and v-necks are some of the neckline you may want to choose from when styling with a empire waist dress or top. You may heard it before, but these necklines add more length to your natural neckline, which is a good thing. Thumbs up. Making your body apper a bit longer and slimmer can be achieved through these necklines.

For busty women who definitely love plus size clothing for women like this, if you happen to choose an empire-waist dress with a deep scoop or v neck neckline, and you are kind of conservative, add a lacy camisole to achieve this look while still feel comfortable.


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