How to Style Cold-Shoulder Tops with Items from Boutiques for Plus Size

Somehow, cold-shoulder tops are getting back on the cover of magazines, seen on photos as they are worn by celebrities for a casual day out to run errands, or you might have graced through it while browsing on Pinterest—the reality is, cold-shoulder pieces are here to stay for a while! Get only the best pieces here at Buy Curvy, one of the leading boutiques for plus size.

  • Go for that 90’s tie-dye look

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  • Remember the 90’s era when baggy pants, loose shirts, tight tops that show a bit of skin, chokers, and tie-dye shirts inspired by the Reggae music? Yup! You can bring that back with this top. You don’t have to go through the awkward styling of the past when you can innovate the same vibe with this asymmetrical jade tie-dye cold-shoulder tunic top you can only find here at Buy Curvy, the boutique for plus sizes.

  • Tassel away

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  • The tassel fever is back and it has been incorporated in different parts of fashion. Whether it’s for accessories, skirts, bags, earrings, and for this time, this cold-shoulder mint tunic with colorful tassel sleeve detail. To neutralize the rainbow of colors, wear a pair of white pants with this top.

  • Wear it as a dress

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  • While you can get away with wearing a pair of leggings beneath this dress, sometimes it’s good to show some skin to let people know how amazing your stems are! This navy cross tropical-themed cold-shoulder tunic dress will definitely bring out the girliness in you.

  • Pair it with ripped jeans

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  • Feeling a little laid-back today? Grab your favorite cold-shoulder top like this gray long-sleeved cold-shoulder tunic with side split detail and pair it with your staple ripped jeans for that instant go-to look for a casual day out with friends or your family.

  • Denim and Ombre? Let’s Go!

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  • Who said blue and ivory ombre plus denim don’t work together? This blue/ivory cold-shoulder top tunic with ruffle trimmings will definitely be a perfect match with your denim jeans, denim booties or stilettos. Say goodbye to being boring, and say hello to being more fun!

  • Match it with cut-out pants

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  • Feeling like you’re too lazy to muster up the strength to dress up yet still want to look stylish? Just slip into your favorite cold-shoulder top such as this Pistachio tie-dye cold-shoulder tunic with knotted hem and get your denim pants with cut-outs only here from Buy Curvy, a boutique for plus sizes, to look effortlessly stylish.

    With Buy Curvy, one of the leading boutiques for plus size, we definitely have your back for helpful fashion advice and more styling tips!

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