Go Online Shopping for Your First Fall Outfit

Ahhh, the time wherein wearing boots every day can be done and no one would ever pick on you, it is finally the peak of the fall season! Once again, we can now pile on layer after layer of clothing and still look stylish and not too over-the-top as you would during summer. It is just a great coincidence that you are also here at Buy Curvy, the perfect place to go online shopping for curvy girl clothing because we just restocked with new items of clothing all for you! In this article, we just compiled a whole outfit that you will definitely be able to pull off. The big bonus? All of these are from Buy Curvy, so you can just easily click on the item if you want to add it to your cart!

Expressa Cappuccino Top with Stretchy Black Belt

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I have to say, this top has got to be one my favorite tops I ever laid my eyes on. Whichever skin tone you have, this cappuccino color will definitely complement your skin and make you look glowing. Meanwhile, the stretchy black waist belt emphasizes your curvy figure, giving the illusion of a more narrow and defined waist!

Black Jeggings with Rhinestone Button Detail
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Do not just go for leggings as the winds may become chilly any time of the day so opt for the type that has thicker fabric such as this pair of black leggings embellished with rhinestones for that added oomph and glamor. With a black pair of bottoms, your outfit will look more cohesive as it matches with your belt. For the price of $19.99, this pair of leggings is such a steal!

Taupe Extra Wide Calf Thigh-High Boots with Heels

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Match your pretty top with this equally pretty taupe wide-calf thigh-high boots with heels. Not only will it protect your feet from the cold but it will also make your figure look a lot longer, giving the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Plus, this only retails for $129.99!


Necklace Choker Strand Lace Chain with Cross Pendant

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If you want to look more stylish with curvy girl clothing, make sure you do not head out of the door without accessorizing your look! This lace choker with a cross pendant will surely go along with your outfit. The warm touch of gold matches well with the taupe-colored boots as well as with the cappuccino-colored top.

Gold Bracelet with Multiple Bracelet Look

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Who said a choker around your neck is enough? Stack up on some arm candies with this gold bracelet to draw attention to your dainty hands.

Earrings Metal Cross Gold and Silver Mix

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Match your necklace with this pair of gold cross earrings that you can get for only the cheap of $3.99! Where else could you get two pairs for the price of one? Only here at Buy Curvy!

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