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Fashion pieces with a pop of color add a bit of an oomph to your overall outfit like a hard candy with a surprise center (Okay, yes I’m quoting Katy Perry’s 2008 hit Thinking of You but you get what I mean). The same goes with tops, bottoms, or dresses with cut-outs. The reason why it works is that of its added edginess that comes along with it. You can rock a plain-coloured dress but with the additional cut-out detail, you can already wear that dress for a night out!

Here at Buy Curvy, one of the leading plus size boutiques, you can find these amazing fashion pieces with a cut-out detail you thought you could never find in an online boutique clothing. So let’s see them all, shall we?


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It’s a great thing that this dress’ tie dye effects are in a vertical orientation as it helps to give the illusion of a slimmer, longer torso. This would be a fun dress to wear during an arts and music festival or maybe blacklight party! For you will surely stand out among the rest due to its fluorescent colors, who needs the glowstick bracelets now?


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It’s hard not to fall in love with this dress at first sight. The vibrant colors that just scream fun will be perfect for anything: a stroll at the mall, grabbing coffee with friends, running errands around the metro, and even a trip to the park for a picnic date with your romantic partner!


Royal Blue Beige Tie-Dye with Cutout

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Want the perfect dress to wear for a beach party? Then pick this, for you will surely be rocking out a chic and trendy outfit while walking along the seashore while carrying a drink in hand.

White Dress with Embroidery Lace-Detailed Sleeves

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This 60% Rayon - 40% Polyester is perfect for a day out in the sun as it allows your body to breath due to its lightweight fabric. Not to mention the lovely lace detailing on the sleeves that add a girly touch to your whole look and all you need are accessories from Buy Curvy itself to add chicness to your outfit!

So that’s it, cut-out tops and dresses from Buy Curvy, one of the leading plus size boutiques, where you can get the best finds and affordable pieces from an online boutique clothing!


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