Clothes for Plus-Size Women Style Guide: Choosing the Right Flattering Dress

You may already know the two things you need to confirm to say that a plus size dress is right for you: Number one, it accentuates the features you want to show off, and number two; it downplays those that you don’t. It is fundamental to choose the right cut, color, and fit (CCF) and you are on your way to a body-flattering dress.

Knowing all these, choosing the right clothes for plus size women won’t be that hard. Identifying which to accentuate and downplay is the key thing to do. Next, find the right CCF. Know how here:

  1. Cut

There are three common dress styles in the market today: A-Line, Empire Waist, and Straight-cut. All of these styles are timeless, having said that these are the styles that don’t really go out of fad.

  •         A-line: Symbolically, the letter ‘a’ in A-line illustrates this design. Also called fit and flare, A-line usually has a fitter top, then flows away from the body from the waist to the bottom. Every body type commonly looks good in an A-line design. This is because it emphasizes a woman’s natural waistline and curves.

However, for plus size female clothing, structure and fabric are very important for that natural effect. We suggest you to pick a dress with thicker fabrics if you want to follow this design. Clingy and thin fabrics will be a huge fail, believe us. The more structured the waistline is, the better.

  •         Empire waist: Unlike A-lines, empire waists cinch right below the breasts. In fact this style is terrific for curvy ladies with pear or triangle body types. If you have a small upper body than your hips and legs, you will think about adding more volume to your bust and arms – where empire-waist is a good choice. This will draw the eye upward and provide balance to you upper and lower body.
  •         Straight: A straight-cut dress has no natural waistline. Thus, not entirely fit for women with hourglass body type. This style however, is perfect for  women who have broader shoulders and chests and smaller hips.


Keep in mind that light colours emphasize while dark colours downplay. Which by the way, why black is universally flattering.

If you are into light-coloured plus-size dresses and female clothing it is perfectly fine but be sure to find one that has a structured silhouette that is firm and rigid. Stay away or better yet avoid horizontal stripes and large bold patters. These can only add more volume in all the wrong places.


Too tight or too loose can be unflattering to some; so be sure to find clothes for plus size women online which are not only trendy but also comfortable. Many plus size online boutiques have tools for you to find what your measurements are so utilize them for your next online shopping.

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