Casual Outfit from a Boutique for Plus Sizes

So it is a typical day of running errands, getting coffee with your friends or doing a quick run towards the mall to buy something, and although it is a normal day, you should not simply walk out of your door in a plain, boring outfit. As curvy girls with so much potential, we owe it to ourselves to always look cute wherever we go! So here I am giving you a casual outfit from a boutique for plus sizes, Buy Curvy!

Sublimation Contrast Maxi Dress

boutique for plus sizes

 You know why maxi dresses are loved by many? Because there is a hundred reason why we should love it! Maxi dresses hide the bulging belly rolls from that hearty meal we just had (like the crowd favorite pizza!) and it also gives the illusion that the wearer is taller due to the vertical line of the skirt from the waistband down towards the level of your feet. Not to mention, maxi dresses are just effortlessly chic!


 Ivory Stone with Silver Pendant Necklace

 boutique for plus sizes

 If we were able to add the illusion of taller height with the maxi dress, we can do the same with this Ivory stone with a silver pendant necklace. Necklaces with long straps give the illusion of a longer torso, in a way, this helps girls with a shorter torso like me. That is why I always consider necklaces like these as outfit-savers since it is both decorative and functional!


Limelight Beige and Black Chevron Print Heels

 boutique for plus sizes

Just because we picked the maxi dress and long necklace, does not mean we should stop there with adding the illusion of more height in our outfit! Strut your way wherever you go with this pair of black and beige chevron print heels and feel all the queen vibe that you deserve!

There are so many options to find for plus size online boutiques, especially here at Buy Curvy where we offer the best products you can find in boutiques for plus sizes!

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