Boutique Clothing Outfit for Malling with Friends

Summer is coming near for us who live in the Northern hemisphere but is your new wardrobe ready? Have you caught up with the latest gossip and happenings in your friends’ lives? Then let us hit the mall! Do not worry because here at Buy Curvy, a boutique clothing for plus size, we will help you pick out the perfect outfit for malling when you want to go food tripping or grabbing a venti-sized frappuccino! Let’s go?

Ivory Sleeveless Dress with Odyssey Border Print

 boutique clothing

When you plan on going to the mall with your friends for some little bit of shopping (okay, maybe a lot!), you need to find a dress that can be easily taken off of you. Think of a shift dress, an A-line dress, dress shirt or button-up dress. This is so half of your time inside the dressing room would not be spent on taking off your jeans, then your shirt, then your shoes, and then putting them all back again. Always pick a dress that will make it easier for you to change into another outfit.

That is the good thing about this dress, the fabric is on a bias-cut so it falls smoothly along your body like it is clinging onto gravity. The dress also looks clean and the Odyssey by the border seam of the dress just adds a whole lot of chicness to your outfit!


Nature Breeze Ivory Silver Heel Open-Toe with Buckle

 boutique clothing

Of course you are going to the mall and it will involve a lot of walking but who said we cannot wear even just 2 inches of heels to look a bit taller? Plus side about wearing heeled shoes is that it forces us to stand straight to gain a center of gravity so our posture will actually improve! Who would not want to brag about a posture-improving shoes with this buckled, open toe chunky heel pair---I mean look at it! It is simple but elegant and classy at the same time. P.S. You can pair this with any outfit!


Brown Faux Leather Teal Center Sunset Necklace

 boutique clothing


One trick you should learn about dressing for plus size and buying from a boutique clothing is that necklaces with long strap will always come in handy. Want to know why? It is because it adds the illusion that the wearer has a longer torso. In a way, it helps you avoid appearing short and stout. Helpful, right?


For your boutique clothing outfit for plus size, always head onto our inventory here at Buy Curvy, because we got everything for you!

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