Boutique Clothing Lace-up Boots

Whenever I hear the word ‘boots’, Tennessee and Miley Cyrus will always come to my mind. Oh, those slender thighs with those boots strutting in the middle of the desert, but wait, who said curvy girls cannot wear them too?

In our boutique clothing here at Buy Curvy, we have a variety of lace-up boots for plus-sized women! With the basic colors that you can easily pair up with any item in your closet, investing in these trusty boots will be one of your greatest fashion decisions you have ever made! Here are some of our lace-up boots available online that are just waiting for you to purchase them:

  • 1. BAMBOO Black Knee-high Boots with Lace-up Side Detail

  • This Black leather boot is perfect for exuding that spunky, fierce look you want to pair with black or gray leather pants with a graphic tee or an off-shoulder top. This is also perfect if you want to magically transform into a grunge girl like back in the 90’s! This retails from $49.99 to now $29.98 only!

  • 2. FOREVER Tan Lace-up Boots 3.5 Inch Heel

  • If you want to sport a sophisticated Bohemian look or you just want to pair this with a bright-colored sundress for that picnic date with your family, friends or your boyfriend, then this one is perfect for you! Just make sure you also grab dangling earrings and handwoven bracelets and you are set! This retails from $49.99 to now $24.98 only!

  • 3. BAMBOO Tan Knee-high Boots with Lace-up Side Detail

  • Is a pair of boots with heels not your thing? Then this pair will do you just fine as it is flat and the lovely Tan color will surely complement every pair of pants in your wardrobe! This retails from $49.99 to $29.98

    4. BAMBOO Brown Boots with Back Lace-up Design

    This pair of brown boots has a surprise detail at the back that will surely make your girlfriends take a second look and reaffirm what they just have seen. Yes, a lace-up at the back made just for those who like surprises! This retails from $49.99 to $29.98 only! 

    5. BAMBOO Black Knee-high Lace-up Boots with Heel

    Feeling sexy? Get this feisty-looking black knee-high, lace-up boots to strut down the runway with all the confidence that you have! This retails from $49.99 to $24.99 only!

  • 6. BRECKELLE’S Beige Tall Mid-calf Lace-up Boots

  • If you want a pair of boots that you can trust to be easily paired with anything, then this one is just Right. When worn with a pair of skin tone pants, this pair of lace-up boots will surely make you look taller! This retails from $39.99 to $26.98 only!

    Here at Buy Curvy boutique clothing for plus-sized women, we make sure you look beautiful with every product that you purchase from us to add to your wardrobe! With lace-up boots from Buy Curvy, you will look just as sexy strutting wherever your feet will take you, let everyone see those strong legs with the perfect boots to match them! Buy a pair now



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