7 Easy Style Tips for Plus Sized Women

Before the rise of the online marketplace, it is so difficult to shop clothes for plus size women based on our size and body figure in malls. But now, there is a growing popularity with curvy fashion or what is commonly known as plus size fashion.

In this article we will identify the seven easy and comfortable style tips for plus size women. Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

Number one rule: Buy clothes that fit you well. You might want to consider knowing your measurements and your body type. As some plus size women tend to wear clothes that are too tight and look like as they’re bursting at the seams. Or too baggy, and hide so much under big clothes. Neither of the two ways is flattering for your body. Wearing clothes of your size and  body type will instantly give you a better look. Try it.

  1. V-Neck Tops

If you love wearing laid back shirts then you should opt for V-Neck tops. This is especially great for plus size women. This is because V-Necks elongate your look and bring the eye downwards.

  1. Proper Undergarments

If there is a basic to the basic tip, it’s wearing the right undergarments. This will not only make you feel more comfortable and confident of your curves.

  1. High Waists or Low Waists

You have to master wearing high waists or low waists as this can be an advantage or disadvantage. Wear a high waisted dress but with a slimmer waistline so you can best accentuate your curves. But if you better love wearing pants, a lower waist might look better. Your belly is best hidden with low waisted pants better than high waisted one.

  1. Longer Tops

As the old rule would tell, if you don’t have a belly worth showing off, better cover it instead. That is true for clothes plus size women. Instead of shorter crop, go for longer tops. This will elongate your torso and make you look a lot slimmer.

  1.  Wear Heels

The added height offered by heels can make you look slimmer.

  1. Avoid Tapered Pants
This is a big no no for plus size women clothing. Tapered pants will only give you the ice cream look, so stay away from this. If you really want your thighs to get more attention than they deserve, better yet wear straight legs this will give you a more slimmer look.


  • Pat W Sellers

    Cute clothes! I usually wear a 3X. Your size chart shows an inch smaller in the bust than many size charts list. It says 49" but I am 50 ". What would you suggest? Do I go with the 3X or should I go up to a 4X?

    I do not go to email much because it is full of spam. I have a Facebook Messenger that you can contact me on or my cell phone number is 806-787-0740 or my Facebook page is listed Pat Winkles Sellers. You can also text message me at my cell phone number if you chose to do so.
    If I am using a credit card do I need to call in my order? I woul really like to have sheer or lightweight tops at least 30" or 31" long. I find Red the hardest to find in my size and I would like a color block or cute print with real red in it. Not pink, or coral but a true red. Do you have anything like that?

    If you have an item I want in stock, how much do you usually charge for shipping and/or postage and how soon could I expect the item? Do you have shipping insurance for sale? They have it at the Post Office if you do not carry it. Just add it to total.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. BTW, where is your store located? Again thank you so much. Have a nice week.

    Pat Winkles Sellers

  • Glinda Whitten

    How do we find out the length of the items in the 4, 5, 6x sizes?

  • Rene A Dain

    i am in need of a yellow and white dress 3-4x to wear on a cruise for elegant night! please help!!!

  • Rene A Dain

    do you have any yellow dresses? i am going on a cruise on the jan 21 and in desperate need of yellow and white dress 3-4x

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