4 Simple Fashion Rules Curvy and Plus Size Women Should Break

Every curvy woman knows what is best for their body types. But sometimes, we tend to keep it a lot simpler when we can handle more than we actually think we can. Being a plus size gives us the freedom and confidence to challenge society with beauty standards. Finding a big size fashion store is one. A lot of online boutiques for plus size ladies offer a wide range of designs that specifically target each body types.
After all, whatever size you fit in, you will be beautiful as long as you wear your own with confidence and grace.

In this article, we will bust fashion rules that is fundamentally stopping us to shine brighter:

Rule # 1: Don’t Wear Fitted Clothing.

This is terribly wrong. Fitted clothing will make you appear smaller as loose clothing will make you appear bigger. Don’t be afraid to wear fitted clothing as long as it’s the right fit for you. You may be under the inverted triangle body type and you want to wear fitted clothing. It’s okay to do this as long as you create some illusion to the waist area to create balance.

Dresses with good tailoring details also help. Look for seaming that creates structure on the waist area.

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Rule #2: Don’t Wear Maxi Dresses.

In fact, you can wear maxi dresses if this really is your style. We suggest V-Neck or Halter top styles of maxi dresses because it looks very flattering to plus size ladies like you. An empire waist maxi dress is also great to create that classic A-line!

The length of the dress helps in elongating your body making you appear taller and leaner.

Rule #3: Curvy Girls Can’t Wear Pencil Skirts

There is a misunderstanding when it comes to wearing pencil skirts for curvy ladies. As we have emphasized, style really doesn’t need to limit you. What is important is the fit.

If think you can take the challenge of wearing pencil skirt with the right fit then by all means go ahead as this will look stunning on you. Black, pinstripe, or colored pencil skirts are great to achieve a more feminine look.

Rule #4: Wear Black.

You know it, black has a slimming effect but don’t you feel it is depressing to wear black all the time? Don’t get trapped onto this idea. It won’t harm you if you experiment on the shades and hues that is utterly lovely on you.

There you have it curvy ladies, the four fashion rules we have to break as a plus size fashion rebel. Shopping for clothes at big plus size stores will be epic, just don’t forget about these. You go girl.


  • Debra Reesr

    I am in tears right now. Being a plus size girl in my adult life has been a nightmare. I have come from a size 8 to 2x and some 3x depending on style and material. I loved dressing and being pretty. After marriage and health issues things changed. Self esteem went out the window and in a hole somewhere. I have a nephew getting married in Chattanooga this weekend and there are several socials in his honor. I dont want to attend because of no clothing fashion style and prices; but when i looked on your site, saw the beautiful models, the fashions and omg the prices, the tears started flooding. I looked and thought, i can rock that, yeah this will work. I did not think i could be fashionable again.My birthday and wedding anniversary are around the corner . This year i believe that the tears i shed will be tears of joy and not depression. Thank you for helping me to see that curvy is fine too. I got to see it in me. Thank you.

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