10 Most Practical Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

One of the most basic and most important plus size fashion tip is choosing the right clothes according to your body size and figure. Additionally, it may help if you never take any fashion inspiration from a skinny model at the same time that you should never hide your beautiful curves behind baggy and boring clothes.

This article will help you identify the right plus size fashion tip that will definitely work for you!

10 – Not Too Tight!

Tight plus size female clothing will only exaggerate your weight so never ever use tight clothes! Better yet, get clothing that will fit your body figure well.
09 – Not Too Baggy Either!

Most plus size women if I am not mistaken choose oversized clothing to hide their body. The truth of the matter is, these baggy clothes will only draw more attention to your body. A good thumbs up is your clothes should skim your body, regardless of what size and shape you are.

08 – Choose Dark Colors on the Heavy Bits

Take advantage of color as an amazing tool to camouflage weight. If you wear dark colors on your heavy parts, those parts will look a lot smaller than it actually is. But keep in mind that color and design should go hand in hand.

07 – Avoid Too Much Detail

If you are trying to downplay your butt then you should not wear jeans with studs or any embroidery on the rear pockets. As much as possible avoid too much detail on parts that needs to stay discreet.

06 – Keep Your Accessories in Scale

If you are a plus sized woman, you must wear heavier accessories.

05 – Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, it really depends on your style and taste. But we recommend plus sized women to wear clean cuts and classic design as this will guarantee a chic and elegant style.

04 – Don’t Miss to Buy When You Find The Right One!

You would know if you come across a clothing that you feel is entirely the right one for you. If this happens, by all means, buy and stick with it!

03 – Longer Tops

The longer the better. Longer tops elongate your torso, so go ahead purchase that nice tunic dress that’ll make you look slimmer!

02 – High or Low Waists

Just by wearing high-waisted dress with a slimmer waistline, you can accentuate your curves better. So take advantage of high and low waists clothing. However, if you love wearing pants or jeans, a lower waist is a better choice since this will help hide your belly comfortably.

01 – V-Neck Tops Would Help Too!

If there is one thing we want to encourage you to wear, it’s V-neck tops. It is an incredibly great plus size clothing for women. Try it!

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  • Pamela Hickman

    Love your clothes but as a plus size 5’10” heavy busted woman I need to know lengths on everything. Thank you site also a little confusing.

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