"Dalgona 16" (Roca Margarita Blonde) Luxury Wig

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According to Google Trends, "Dalgona coffee" has become the most searched type of coffee worldwide, overtaking previous highest peaks for all other kinds of coffee (The Conversation Newsletter, 2020). The coffee is prepared by taking equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water whipped in a creamy, caramel paste added on top of a glass of milk. Dalgona by BelleTress has a broad left side part mono and temple to temple lace front that lets you confidently experiment with off-the-face styles. Modern, edgy, and texturized wavy curls and amazingly silky, soft, and luxurious fiber is what makes Dalgona everyone's favorite!

Special Features:

  • Creative Lace Front
  • Partial Monofilament
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Dimensions: Sides 10"-14" | Nape 8.5" | Back:16" | Overall 8.5"-16" 
  • Fiber Type: Heat Friendly

Collection: Cafe Collection


Height: 5'5"
Bust: 47"
Waist: 40"
Hips: 50"
Thigh: 28"
Calf: 18"
Inseam: 27"
Shoe Size: 8.5
Clothing Size: 2X and Size 18 jeans.

Items Modeled by Melissa


Height: 5'4"
Bust: 50"
Waist: 52"
Hips: 55"
Thigh: 31"
Calf: 17"
Inseam: 27"
Shoe Size: 9
Clothing Size: 3X and Size 22 jeans.

Items Modeled by Laranda


Height: 4'11"
Bust: 51.5"
Waist: 46"
Hips: 54"
Thigh: 28.5"
Calf: 19"
Inseam: 27"
Shoe Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: 3X and Size 20 Jeans

Items Modeled by Cierra


Neck 18.5
Bust: 56
Hips: 68
Shoe Size: 8.5


Neck 14.5 Bust: 43
Hips: 50.5
Shoe Size: 7.5  

"Dalgona 16" (Roca Margarita Blonde) Luxury Wig
"Dalgona 16" (Roca Margarita Blonde) Luxury Wig
"Dalgona 16" (Roca Margarita Blonde) Luxury Wig
"Dalgona 16" (Roca Margarita Blonde) Luxury Wig