Hey Beautiful Curvy Babes! My name is Megzy. I am Memphis, Tennessee native currently living in Jonesboro, Ark. I am married to the love of my life, and we have one fur baby, a mastiff-mix named Kaiti. My friends will all tell you, I am the ultimate hype girl. I enjoy lifting women's spirits and helping them feel beautiful! My hobbies include all things beauty, reading, and going on adventures with the hubz. My favorite aspect about working at Curvy is meeting all of the Amazing Curvy Babes whether it is online or at our boutique! Don't ever forget, you are stunning and beautiful, and I hope you feel it, from my heart to yours! Love y'all bunches!

Neck 18.5
Bust: 56
Hips: 68
Shoe Size: 8.5


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